Thurs, Feb 11, 2016
The Grand Ayatullah Saanei:The events in Karballa and Ashura symbolize hatred for injustice and oppression. Affection for Ashura, dries up the roots of violence in the human world and kneads a love for the innocent into our whole being

The Biography of Grand Ayatullah Haj Sheikh Yousuf Saanei
Fiqh, Fatwa
His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Saanei was born to a clerical family in Neekabad, Isfahan Province in 1316 Hegira (1937). His father, the late Hojat-ul-Islam Sheikh Mohammad Ali Saanei, acclaimed for his piety and quality of virtue, was a cleric

Fiqh, Fatwa
We hope that Moslem and non-Moslem men and women and especially the young generation, while becoming familiar with His Excellency’s perspectives, learn more about the world of deception and illusion of the enemies of Islam and humanity, and day after day, get closer to the high and clear horizons of Islam. The Publications and Cultural office of Fiq’h-ul-Thaqualain Institute October, 2008

A Brief Biography of Great Religious Authority Grand Ayatullah Haj Sheikh Yousuf Saanei
Fiqh, Fatwa
Along with: Some of His Eminence's Jurisprudential Views A List of His Eminence's Published Books An Introduction of the Official Websites

A Selection of Islamic Laws
Fiqh, Fatwa
A brief glance at His Eminence’s verdicts would suffice to acknowledge Him as to be among the few Islamic jurists who, along with fidelity to the basics and principles of rule deduction (Ijtihad), have devoted special attention to the two elements of time and space as well as the needs of the new age and thus paved the way for the practicality of Islam’s jurisprudential rulings. In this regard, seeing masculinity as not being a condition ...


Payment of Islamic Duties (Vujuhat Shar’iyya)

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